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Seed Scarf

I remember the year when I was about to move to Milan a friend who has spend a good amount of time in Europe suggested me to first, leave all my winter cloth behind and rebuild my winter wardrobe according to the local temperature, because it's going to be a totally different situation. (Btw, I am from Taiwan, where in winter time, we have thick feather coat with T-shirt underneath and flip flop on the feet.) And second, invest on a nice, warm, cosy scarf. Now 6 years in, that scarf I bought myself the first year is still my most-used winter accessories. And just few weeks ago, I decided that I need another one to have some varieties for my winter looks.

So this how the Seed Scarf project started. Funny enough as a crochet designer this is not just my first scarf design, but my first scarf made. The main part of the scarf is made with the popular Alpine Stitch. I did countless tries to achieve the combination that I like for the ending part with all the very basic crochet stitches. And I took advantage of the nature of the Alpine Stitch to create a completely mirror look on the other end of the scarf.

I am trying to build up an email list for my audience so I can have more direct approaches to talk to them and gain more independence from social medias.

Are you a fan of heavy scarfs like me? Would you trade me with you email address for this design? Click the button below and get your free copy of the Seed Scarf pattern. I promise to disturb you only with good and important news!

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